Hello Inamuddin,  I was hopeful that the latest 2018 update would solve the 
Windows Mail troubles as well but was disappointed in the results as noted by 
you and others.
With little to lose, I did a repair on this new version earlier today.  The 
repair took about 4 times longer than the initial successful install but since 
doing this, the Windows 10 Mail program is almost working properly.  On 
occasion I have to unload and reload both JAWS and Windows Mail and, for some 
reason, that seems to restore proper behavior on this Dell Desktop of recent 
I would be interested if others with Windows 10 Mail issues find a repair of 
the latest update results in improvement.  Thanks, Mitch

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Yes they have tried to fix it and it is working better than the last JAWS 
update but Windows 10 mail app is still not working as normal as in JAWS 18.
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Brilliant!  Now my windows 10 email app is working properly again.


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From: Mike B.
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Subject: [JAWS-Users] Jaws Latest Update Direct Download Links + What's New

Hi All,

Below are the direct download links for the February Jaws update,
J2018.1802.78, + what's new in this release.

32 Bit:


64 Bit:


What's new in this release:
Enhancements in JAWS 2018.1802.78 (February 2018)

The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2018 between the
December 2017 update and the February 2018 update.

To download the latest release, visit the
Downloads web page.

list of 12 items
When you open an inaccessible PDF file in Adobe Reader which normally just
reports: "Empty Document", JAWS now displays a dialog box asking if you want
to perform OCR directly on the file. Choose Yes to have JAWS recognize the
image and display the text in the Results Viewer or choose No to close the
box without performing OCR. This is the same as using the layered command
INSERT+SPACEBAR, O, D to OCR a document. We are now proactively offering
for all JAWS and Fusion users when we recognize that scanned PDF files have
been opened in Acrobat Reader.
When you press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by QUESTION MARK for help with
layered commands, the list of keystrokes is now displayed in the Results
to make them easier to review.
You can now press Right Shift+DOTS 1-2-3-7 from a Focus braille display to
toggle the JAWS Screen Shade feature.
The commands to read the next or previous word (CTRL+RIGHT ARROW and
CTRL+LEFT ARROW) will now continue to speak when Speech On Demand is active.
that due to the way keystrokes are handled in Microsoft Office applications,
these commands will continue to remain silent in Word documents and when
Outlook messages. In addition, speech is now available in Keyboard Help
Resolved an issue with the INSERT+B command not reading the contents of
certain dialog boxes if Speech On Demand was enabled.
If Speech On Demand is active, resolved an issue where pressing
ALT+CTRL+NUM PAD 5 to read the current table cell was not working.
The Convenient OCR item located in the JAWS Utilities menu has been
renamed to OCR Options.
Resolved a customer reported issue with the Stock Quotes Research It
lookup source not returning results as expected.
Addressed an issue with the Convert Currency Research It lookup source in
the Spanish version of JAWS not returning any results.
When navigating the Outlook calendar in Month view, resolved a customer
reported issue where Vocalizer Expressive voices were saying "comma" before
Resolved sluggishness issues with the Customize Outlook Message List
dialog box accessed from the Run JAWS Manager dialog box (INSERT+F2) while
in an Outlook message folder.
Addressed JAWS visual highlighting issues in Windows 7 for a custom set of
Office scripts distributed by Papenmeier.
list end

Google Docs and Sheets
list of 2 items
Improved JAWS performance with Google Docs when Braille support is
disabled. While you will find that JAWS is now more responsive even when
Braille mode
is off, we still recommend that you enable Braille support even if you do
not use a braille display to get the best overall experience with navigating
and editing documents. For instance, moving by character, word, and line is
much more reliable, and you can also use the JAWS table reading commands for
easier navigation of tables. If you need JAWS to announce certain document
features such as footnotes, endnotes, or comments, you will need to turn off
Braille support at this time to access this information. To toggle Braille
support on or off, press ALT+SHIFT+A to open the Accessibility menu, open
Settings submenu, and press ENTER on Enable Braille support.
JAWS now supports Google's new Braille Mode in Google Sheets. When Braille
Mode is enabled in Google Sheets, you will be able to read the current row
of cells on the braille display and press a Cursor Router button over a cell
to move focus to it. The coordinates, cell headers, and cell data are shown
for the current cell, with the content of surrounding cells also displayed
but separated from each other by a | character.
list end

Microsoft Office
list of 10 items
Addressed an issue with Outlook closing unexpectedly when opening certain
Resolved an issue with JAWS not reading as expected in the Insert Item
dialog box which is displayed when you choose Outlook Item from the Insert
when composing a message.
Resolved an issue where JAWS was sometimes saying "0 items" when focused
returned to the inbox after closing or deleting a message.
Addressed reported issues in Outlook with JAWS becoming less responsive
under certain circumstances when composing a message.
Addressed issues with reviewing attendee information when creating a
meeting request in Outlook.
When pressing F2 to edit a cell containing a formula, resolved an issue in
the latest updates to Excel 365 where JAWS was not speaking the formula when
navigating using the ARROW keys.
When you first start the Spellchecker in Word 365, resolved an issue where
JAWS would sometimes not announce the misspelled word and suggestion.
Resolved an issue where JAWS was not always announcing position
information as expected in some combo boxes in Word forms.
If focused on the Thumbnails tab in a PowerPoint 365 presentation,
resolved an issue where JAWS was incorrectly speaking tutor messages while
through slides.
In PowerPoint 365, JAWS now indicates the new slide when inserting a slide
into a presentation.
list end

Web Browsers
list of 9 items
Addressed issues for Bloomberg to help both JAWS and Fusion work with
Chromium in the Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg Chat application without
the need
for further customer adjustments.
The braille cursor now tracks correctly when navigating by character or
word through the text of headings on web pages. You can also now move
headings using Cursor Routers.
Improved JAWS announcements of form field labels used inside of a live
JAWS now properly indicates table cells that use the aria-label and
aria-labelledby attributes.
Resolved multiple issues with navigating combo boxes in Chrome.
Improved JAWS announcements of live region updates in Chrome.
When typing in the Chrome address bar, resolved an issue where JAWS was
repeating all of the text that was typed in addition to announcing
When using UP or DOWN ARROW on the Chrome address bar to navigate the list
of suggested web sites, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the
currently selected item.
Resolved a reported issue with Chrome where changes in page content were
not always being detected by JAWS in some situations until INSERT+ESC was
to manually refresh the virtual buffer.
list end

Windows 10
list of 5 items
Resolved reported issues with navigating and editing text in the Windows
Mail and Sticky Notes apps.
Improved speech and braille navigation of combo boxes in the Windows
Settings app (WINDOWS Key+I).
Added JAWS support for the Windows Feedback Hub app.
JAWS now reliably announces and displays in braille the Windows Defender
progress bar when performing a system scan.
Addressed an issue with the INSERT+B command not reading as expected on
the Logon screen.
list end

Enhancements in JAWS 2018.1712.10 (December 2017)

The following is a list of improvements made between the initial JAWS 2018
release and the December 2017 update.

Screen Shade for Additional Privacy

For additional privacy, use the JAWS Screen Shade to prevent others from
seeing what you are typing or reading by turning the screen black. This
is available in Windows 10 and Windows 8.

To turn on the Screen Shade, press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by the
PRINTSCREEN key, or triple tap with three fingers on a touch screen.
Screen Shade can be toggled on or off using Quick Settings (INSERT+V). Once
enabled, the contents of your screen can no longer be seen. The Screen Shade
remains active until toggled back off, or JAWS is restarted. Screen Shade
can also be turned off by doing a right mouse click.

Note: Screen Shade is strictly a privacy feature and will not increase the
battery life on a laptop or tablet. Additionally, Screen Shade is only
when JAWS is running by itself. It cannot be used when running Fusion, or
when running JAWS together with ZoomText or MAGic.

Speech On Demand

Speech On Demand is a feature that allows you to limit the amount of JAWS
speech you hear as you navigate windows and documents or perform other
using hot keys. By default, when using Speech On Demand, JAWS only announces
actions that are associated with a limited set of hot keys. In addition,
echo and typing echo are still available, which allows JAWS to read text
that you point to with the mouse pointer and speak characters and words as
type. You can quickly toggle between Speech On Demand and full speech using
a convenient layered command, or even make Speech On Demand the default
mode when JAWS starts.

For JAWS users who rely heavily on Braille or for users of Fusion that can
see well enough to use the screen for tracking focus, too much speech can be
overwhelming while navigating using the keyboard and mouse. However, users
still want to be able to use speech to read once they have moved to a
on the screen, or just checking a Window Title, column heading in a table or
spread sheet, or even reading the time from the System tray. In both these
situations, Speech On Demand can be very helpful. You will find that
switching applications with ALT+TAB or using ARROW keys to move through a
are silenced. Speech is only triggered when using a limited set of reading
commands such as speaking the current character, word, line, paragraph, or
a Say All.

Layered commands to toggle the feature:

list of 2 items
Press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by S to toggle the speech mode between Full
Speech and either Speech On Demand (the default) or Mute speech. Focus
display users can also press RIGHT SHIFT+M (DOTS 1-3-4) to toggle between
Speech On Demand and Full Speech.
Press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by SHIFT+S while Full Speech is disabled to
toggle between Speech On Demand and Mute speech.
list end

By default, JAWS always returns to Full Speech when restarted after these
keystrokes have been used. To make permanent changes to the default
do the following:

list of 10 items
1. Press INSERT+F2, and select Settings Center.
2. If you want changes to only apply to a particular application, select it
from the Application list. Otherwise, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load the default
settings file.
3. In the tree view, expand the Speech Options group.
4. Press the SPACEBAR on Speech Mode to change the default choice between
Less Speech or Full Speech. Full Speech is selected by default.
5. Press the SPACEBAR on Less Speech Options to change the default choice
between Mute Speech or Speech On Demand. Speech On Demand is selected by
6. Expand the Speech On Demand Options group.
7. If you do not want any reading hot keys to speak with Speech On Demand
active, use the SPACEBAR to clear the Allow Reading Commands check box.
commands are spoken by default.
8. If JAWS Mouse Echo is enabled and you want to hear text as you move the
mouse with Speech On Demand active, use the SPACEBAR to select the Allow
Echo checkbox. This checkbox is cleared by default.
9. If JAWS Typing Echo is set to Characters, Words, or Characters and Words
and you want to hear what you are typing with Speech On Demand active, use
the SPACEBAR to select the Allow Typing Echo check box. This checkbox is
cleared by default.
10. Choose OK to save your changes and close Settings Center.
list end

See the What's New topic in the JAWS Help for a complete list of the preset
designated reading commands available in Speech On Demand.

list of 14 items
When JAWS is configured to start at the login screen and after logon,
addressed an issue in the Windows 10 Fall Creators' update where JAWS was
not working
as expected if the "Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up
my device after update or restart" option is enabled.
Resolved an issue where the Password field on the Windows 10 logon screen
was being announced multiple times.
Resolved an issue where JAWS was blocking the Windows shut down in the
Fall Creators' update.
If Smart Navigation is set to Controls or Controls and Tables, which
offers a more efficient way to navigate in web-based applications by
treating most
controls as a single unit when navigating by character or word, headings are
no longer treated as a single navigation unit. This allows you to review the
contents of the heading using LEFT or RIGHT ARROW and CTRL+LEFT or
CTRL+RIGHT ARROW as well as select text just like in paragraphs. Smart
Navigation is
off by default and can be configured through the Startup Wizard located in
the JAWS Help menu, or toggled by pressing INSERT+X.
JAWS no longer says "cell" when reading the current line in a table with
Smart Navigation set to Controls or Controls and Tables. You will now hear a
slight pause to indicate a cell break.
Addressed a customer reported issue with the USPS Tracking Research It
Lookup source not displaying results for a tracking number as expected.
Due to major changes with the WebMD website, the Health search on WebMD
Research It lookup source has been removed as it can no longer search and
results from this service.
Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+A twice quickly in the Windows 10
File Explorer was not displaying the contents of the address bar in the
Viewer as expected.
Resolved issues with JAWS not reading correctly in a Windows 10 Command
Prompt window.
JAWS now announces the All Day check box when creating a new appointment
in the Windows 10 calendar.
Resolved multiple issues with using JAWS with the Windows 10 Calculator in
the Fall Creators' update.
If a Korean Vocalizer Expressive Voice is installed, resolved a customer
reported issue where JAWS was not automatically switching to the Korean
on a web page containing Korean content.
Added a new Eco Braille display driver provided by ONCE in Spain.
Addressed issues with a couple Research It lookup sources in the French
version of JAWS not displaying results as expected.
list end

Kindle for PC
list of 1 items
Amazon Kindle books can contain links to other parts of the book or to
other content on the web. JAWS now indicates when text is a link and allows
to press ENTER or the SPACEBAR to activate the link.
list end

Microsoft Office
list of 6 items
Addressed an issue where JAWS was not announcing auto-complete information
when typing email addresses in the Windows 10 Fall Creators' update of
When typing a name in the header fields of a message in Outlook 365, JAWS
now plays a sound to indicate when the auto-complete list opens and closes.
While the list is open, UP and DOWN ARROW navigates the auto-complete
suggestions and pressing INSERT+UP ARROW now reads the currrently selected
name and
email address.
When using DOWN ARROW to move through a Word document containing graphics,
addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS was not always consistently
indicating when focus moved to a graphic.
When using AutoSum in Excel 365, addressed a customer reported issue where
JAWS was not automatically reading the default range when pressing
If the virtual ribbon is active, resolved a customer reported issue where
various split buttons were not being displayed when navigating Office
Resolved an issue in Outlook 365 when in the "To:" field and trying to
type in addresses for your message.
list end

Web Browsers
list of 9 items
Continued improvements to JAWS performance with Edge. These include
addressing issues with JAWS not always indicating headings and links on
various pages
as well as adding support for automatically announcing notifications such as
when you download a file.
If you switch to the JAWS application window from Edge, resolved a
customer reported issue where you could not access any JAWS options.
Addressed an issue with JAWS losing the current position on a web page in
Chrome when switching to another application and then back.
Addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS was not reading as expected
when navigating a parrticular ARIA menu.
JAWS no longer incorrectly turns on Forms Mode when a toggle button is
activated, even if Forms Mode is set to Manual.
When selecting and copying text from a web page in Internet Explorer for
pasting into another application, resolved an issue where the wrong text was
sometimes being pasted.
Resolved an issue where JAWS was not identifying combo boxes as expected
in Chrome.
Resolved an issue in Chrome where JAWS was saying "clickable" even on
areas of a page that did not contain links.
Resolved a customer reported issue with a web page that displays math
content using role="math" not being displayed correctly in braille.
list end

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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