Here is the link I got from the MLB people.

Maria Campbell

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On 2/23/2018 4:25 AM, David Moore wrote:
Hi Marie and all!
I use
To listen to all baseball games.
You just enter on the team, then a list of radio stations come up for that 
team. Try every station by entering on it until you find one that plays the 
You can look up the other team in the game, and find the game on a radio 
station for the other team.
It is the same with football:
and so on.
I always find a radio station on these web sites to listen to a game on. 
Sometimes, you might have to try entering on five or more stations before you 
find one that plays the game, but I have never missed a game. If it is on the 
radio, you will find a station playing the game on these web sites.
David Moore
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If anyone knows how to access the games on the site, please pass
on the info.  Thanks.

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