In WinAmp, pressing the letter S, should shuffle the currently loaded 
The letter R, will repeat.

Rick Justice

"Tomorrow's another day, another way!"
"and if tomorrow never comes, problem solved!"

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I use Winamp for this too. There is a random button in the playlist editor.
I don't think there's a convenient shortcut for it by default. But yes, it's
there. When I took a brief look last time when I had version 2.2.6 or
something, I could not get jAWS to find it, however. I will try again with
3.01 and see what happens. The reason I didn't fuss about this at the time
(I like making random playlists too) is that I really only use VLC for
videos. Of course it's your choice, and it may make a difference to you that
VLC is still being updated. However, most new file formats are video, not
audio, formats. Another thing I value winamp over VLC for audio playback for
is the equalizer. VLC has one, but it's much less user friendly ... it's
very difficult to save your own settings. SO if you care about that, you
might want to consider this. However, for video playback, VLC simply can't
be beat. It's fast and extremely versatile. There's a lot of stuff under the

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Brilliant news, if you point it at a folder, can you ask it to play the mp3
files there in a random order?
I Stil use Winamp for this reason at the moment.

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Hey folks.

Some may remember I made several posts about how great this player was, but
that certain things, like the advanced preferences dialog, were difficult to
use with a screen-reader. I just want to report that I have installed the
last stable build, 3.01 I believe, and not only does the player seem at
least twice as fast to load on my Windows 10 64 bit machine, but the
preferences screen is reading properly with JAWS. The advanced preferences
now show as a tree view, and so far I no longer have to hit space on a
checkbox to even hear whether it is a checkbox or not. So, good news for
video users.

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