Some web accessibility professionals discourage using keyboard
shortcuts because browsers, screen readers and operating systems
interpret them in different ways. My personal belief is to keep them
there, but to make sure that there are other ways of choosing the
options if this is possible.

On 3/2/18, JM Casey <> wrote:
> Hi everyone. Forgive the half-formed inquiry, but I'm about to have a
> meeting about this and I don't yet have a lot of info. There's a website
> being designed where the user can rate a series of statements on a
> numerical
> scale. The creators of the site designed it so that you can do this
> directly
> from the keyboard by using ctrl-key combinations from 1 to 5. So, for
> example, the user might see a statement, and press ctrl-3 to give that
> statement a rating of 3. Once the key bombination is pressed, the next
> statement loads. This is something I have tested and works fine in both
> Firefox and Chrome using JAWS 18. However, one of the testers is having
> problems. The keyboard combos do not work at all. She is a JAWS user. I do
> not yet know what browser she is using, but I'll shortly find out. I looked
> a little at a page describing how one can use JAVA to do this when
> developing a site, but I myself am not a developer, and there's a lot I
> could be missing. So, in brief, does anyone know if there are any caveats,
> prerequisites and such, for these sorts of shortcuts on websites to work?
> Is
> there some setting in either a browser, or even in JAWS, related to this
> functionality that she might have to change? I know it's not presently a
> lot
> of info to go on, but any help would be appreciated nonetheless. Thank you.
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