Hi John. I've been away from the list for a few days, but thought I'd way in
with my thoughts on upgrading.

I have worked with blind clients for many years now, and this topic comes up
everytime there is an upgrade, First, remember, if you upgrade, and there
are problems with the new version for whatever reason, you can always revert
back, and eventually the issues will be ironed out. What I tell my clients
is, consider owning a computer like owning a vehicle. There has to be some
expected maintenance costs, and if you can afford it, it's a good idea to
keep up on those things. What if you skip 2018, but something comes out
in2019 that you simply can't live without, then you are behind another
version and it will cost you more to upgrade at this point. I know some
folks simply can't afford it, but my feeling has been, if you can, and if
you are planning to stick with jaws, it is prudent to keep up with the

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Hi group,

I am now using Jaws 18 in its latest configuration.  I just priced out the
upgrade to Jaws 2018 and it will cost me $400 including the SMA.  Before I
make that kind of investment, I'd appreciate it if someone would tell me
whether Jaws 2018 is worth the investment.  I'm happy with jaws 18.   I
would have no objection to upgrading if someone can give me good reasons for
that change.  I have been studying the messages on our list and to tell you
the truth, what I'm hearing is somewhat discouraging.  Many people are
having issues with 2018.  However, I'd be willing to bet that the same thing
happened when Jaws 18 was introduced.  There is always a time where people
have to adjust to new technology or software.   




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