Depending on which email program you use, you can do that, but if you want it 
open when the email is opened, then you have to make that segment of your song 
.wav file extension.

Once you convert that, you may need to edit down to a size that is less than 

Since you are using Outlook from Office 2010 as your email client, do the 

Use MsWord as your editor to create an email message.  In your office program 
to Tools, Options, Mail tab; mail format.
On that tab, set your message format to HTML, plain-text won't work.
Hit Apply, and OK to Exit the options area.

Now, create a new message.  A dialog will pop up that Word is starting your 
email editor.  There will be the typical email fields, (I don't know how well 
Jaws will read them -- I haven't tried this in my Office MsWord 2010 version.)

You will need a Web Tools toolbar, which you can make visible by hitting View, 
Toolbars, and finding the Web Tools option.

It will pop-up a small window with various icons.  One of them is the "Sound" 
icon, you may need to simulate a mouseclick on it; it will then pop-up the 
background sound option.

You can then hit the Browse button and browse to your St. Patrick's Day file.  
said above that it needs to be in .wav format, but in looking around, it also 
supports  .mid, .midi, .au, .rmi, .aif and .aiff.
Many people recommend using .midi.

After you press open on the sound file, you can then choose how many times you 
want that message sound to play -- from one to five times, or to infinite which 
means it will play until the message is closed.

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>I have seen this done, and would like to send a St. Patrick's Day greeting
> that way.
> I have the tune in an mp3 format.
> Is there any way to do this?
> Thanks!
> Judy
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