Hi all. I have a couple of questions pertaining to navigating webpages with 
Internet explorer, latest version, on a Windows 10 laptop with the latest 
version of Jaws.

Is that a keyboard shortcut to navigate straight to areas that have checkboxes? 
I found one on the Woolworths website in accessibility settings, but I had to 
keep moving down headings to get to it because I couldn’t remember if there was 
a shortcut. Also, if you are filling in a form that is set out like a table, is 
there a quick way of getting to the submit button halfway through the table, if 
the rest of the questions or fields are not applicable to you? It is so 
tiresome having to tab seven or eight times before you reach the button.  I 
know pressing the letter B takes you to whatever buttons are on the page, but 
if you are in the middle of text fields, this can be tricky. Any feedback would 
be useful.

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