I am attempting to create an email signature in Outlook2013 with
JAWS2018 however, I am noticing that the edit field for adding text to
the signature is not being announced by JAWS. The one time I did get
the edit field announced, JAWS would not speak the characters I typed.
Has anyone had success creating a signature in this program?
I am attempting to create the signature in the following way:
1. Open Outlook and press control n for new mail.
2. Press alt n to get to the insert tab and press the tab key until I
hear signature submenu and press enter.
3. Press enter on the signatures... option
4. Tab to the new button and press enter to type the name of what I
would like to call the signature and tab to the ok button and press
5. From here I am attempting to add text to my signature but I am not
able to do so.
Thank you in advance for any responses

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