Dear friends,

I Am running a Dell Enspiron 5570 laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 bit.
I Am unable to run Microsoft Excel 2016 after a fresh installation.
It won't even run in safe mode.
Basically I can start typing, just entering the column headers, I get to the 
third entry and it just stops responding.
The laptop has an Intel HD620 and AMD HD530 video adaptor.
I Have tried disabling the AMD adaptor, re-booting and testing Microsoft Excel 
and it does the same thing.
Both video drivers are up-to-date, the latest from Dell.
If I close JAWS and use NVDA, it seems to work just fine.
I Have Microsoft Outlook 2016 and that seems to work just fine as well.
Running in safe mode disables any Microsoft Excel plugins apparently.
I Also use an internet based application called Service Anywhere and that seems 
to work just fine, it is just the Microsoft Excel that I have issues with.
There don't seem to be any options in the Intel or AMD graphics settings to set 
a primary video adaptor, all the apps only seem to have two options, one for 
normal and the other for power saving.
I Called Dell and they say that there is no way to disable the Intel or AMD 
graphics adaptors in the bios despite what the manual says, I have had two 
sighted colleagues check in the bios as well and they are experienced i.t. 
people, they can find no way to disable either of the graphics adaptors.
Do you have any idea about anything that I can try please, this is quite 
frustrating as I use Microsoft Excel quite a lot.

Many thanks in anticipation,


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