What is the desktop command for doing this please?  Would this be shift numpad 
start or what?  Thanks.


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Hi Cuong,

I don't run Thunderbird, but I saved this note just in case.

From: adam morris
Column presentation
Go to the message list.

go to the very top of it with the home key.

enable touch cursor,

now go left until you hear select columns to display... button.

Press enter. This opens the menu allowing you to check and uncheck columns.

If you want to rearrange the columns, go left past that button and you'll find 
the header items like subject and the like. Find the one you want to move,

press the keystroke to lock mouse button, with laptop layout that would be 
shift caps lock num row 8. then left or right to the colum you'd like to place

this before and press the mouse lock toggle again. Note that the columns are 
read in the same order regardless of their actual position when using touch

cursor. You'll have to try to move it, then go back to pc cursor and navigate 
the list of messages to see if you did it. If it fails, try dragging other

columns around the one want to move instead and see if that works. It's a bit 
messy but can be done with a little time and a big dose of patients.

Once you have a folder set up, you may want to assign that folder's column view 
settings to all folders, this is available in that button that says choose

which columns to display near the bottom says something like apply to folder, 
you can apply it to your entire email account that way if you want to.


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To all listers
Can we ordering the column in the message list such as makes the read status 
stand before the corresponding etc using Jaws? I Saw this feature in NVDA, 
and like this so much, but don't know how to do in Jaws.
Using windows 10 pro 64 bit, Jaws 18.0, and the latest version of Mozilla 
Any help would be appreciated.
Dang Manh Cuong
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