I just wanted to remind everybody that when contacting the list moderators the 
most efficient manner is to use:


The above address will reach all of us where as if you write to me or one of 
the other guys who say for example happens to be on vacation and I know that 
sounds far out there as nobody would want to take a break from their respective 
computers, but let’s just say if it did happen that way. Your request might not 
receive an answer in a timely manner. 

Other than that little glitch things have been running quite smoothly around 
here for an extended period of time. Which goes to the lists’ longevity, 12 and 
a half years already. Now if you have a reason to contact one of us privately 
or don’t mind the possibility of waiting for a reply then go for it. 

OK I have rambled on long enough and remember go Penguins.
David Ferrin
Life is what happens after you have already made other plans.
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