Yes, hi David, that is what was happening with my email. That is 
why I went back to my email for your Jaws users list. 
Thanks for letting us know.

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From: JAWS-Users-List [] On Behalf 
Of David Ferrin
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 6:29 AM
Subject: [JAWS-Users] memo to all members

We are currently experiencing problems with the following ISPs:

MSN, Live, Outlook and Hotmail.

They are blocking out messages from this domain. They can post to the list but 
they are not receiving messages. If those of you who are receiving messages 
know members who are being blocked since they are using the above mentioned 
services could pass this note along to them and ask if they would contact their 
internet providers to un-block this domain that might go a long way towards 
resolving the current crisis. People are contacting me privately asking what is 
going on and I can’t respond to them as my replies keep bouncing right back. 
David Ferrin
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