Hello all. I'm trying to apply for an online job opportunity at the link
obboard> &utm_medium=jobboard using Firevox 48, JAWS 17 latest build. When I
activate the link to sign in with Facebook, the Facebook login /
confirmation page fails to load. 


I need to know if there is any solution or workaround for this issue.
BTW-this issue does not occur in Internet Explorer 11, but I can't fill out
the application in IE because of a form with what looks like a DHTML combo
box that won't activate properly in IIE, preventing me from proceeding to
the next step in the application process. The Website developer is
unreachable, and I suspect the employer is using a third-party portal for
online applications so it's unlikely they'd be of much support anyway.


Any help with this application would be greatly appreciated.


Very Best,



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