I am wondering if any of you out there followed up on my request regarding the 
contacting those members who were effected by the recent blockage of email 
messages to their respective accounts using Microsoft based email services. 

So as not to clog the list with this kind of traffic please write to me 
privately at the address I will list below. I mentioned last week the 
possibility of moving the list to another domain which I would hope not 
encounter such issues as it is a mailing list hosting service, but on that I am 
not absolutely certain. 

The server I have been using for 8 years next week has only had a minor issue a 
couple of years ago and that was resolved by simply rebooting the Mailman 
server by my friend who has access to that kind of thing. So it is quite 
stable, it’s just all of these ISPs that have been giving me more than enough 
trouble. Since many of you have changed to GMail especially after the recent 
road runner problem from earlier this year things have quieted down in that 
respect for a time. 

Also believe it or not, this list has been in business for 11 years next month, 
honestly I have trouble believing it myself. When Bob and I started out in 2005 
we weren’t sure it was going to take flight for very long. 

It does provide a service that many of you out there do seem to need and that 
as much as anything else has convinced me to keep the doors open as long as 
this. I have the domain until early 2020, now is the list going to stay up 
until then I am not certain right now, but for the time being it is going to 
remain up and running. 

I as much to my team would also like to thank those of you who provide many of 
the answers that are posted on here freeing us to just mainly sit back and read 
all of the mail that comes across. Believe me some days as many of you know is 
a lot of traffic. 

Enough of my rambling:


That will reach all 3 of us at once.
David Ferrin
Life is what happens after you have already made other plans.
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