I have gone through the process of updating my iOS on my iPad Mini 2nd 
Generation and was using iTunes 12.1.3 to restore and install the update.  
After encountering issues and the syncing not working properly, I've updated my 
iTunes to 12.5.1 and have noticed that the syncing process went a lot smoothly.

My question is this, when syncing apps to a device, I normally went to the 
devices information, selected Apps and then in the list of apps, went through 
them and pressed on the spacebar to enable the checkbox.  Since iTunes 12.5.1 
though, when viewing this list, the checkboxes are no longer present and I am 
not sure how to select an app to be synced to my device.  Does anyone know how 
to select an app from this list so it can be synced to the device?

Appreciate any help, thanks!

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