I have recently installed Windows 10 on a Windows 7 machine.  I would like
to have Internet Explorer be my default browser.  I went to Default Programs
and selected Internet explorer as the default web browser.  But now, every
time when I open a link in an email that should take me to the web browser,
I get this dialog asking me if I still want to use Internet Explorer.  In
this dialog I check always use internet explorer and press enter on the yes
button and Internet Explorer opens.  But the next time I open a link, the
same dialog box pops up again.  I would like to not have to answer this
dialog every time I click a link in an email.  I do not see any evidence
that a User account control dialog has popped up.  I am using Jaws 17 and
Jaws 18 beta.

Thanks for any help.


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