I have an interesting problem with an unknown device. I am not sure if I 
have a flaky mother board or something in windows. It is an unknown usb 
device and there is no driver for it.
I must have removed it at least 5 times. After a few days it pops up again.
With sighted help I tried to repair windows but this is only for a system 
that will not start.
There are two other options install or upgrade. I am not sure but I think 
that the install will will remove all of my files and programs. Since it is 
the same version of windows 7 home premium would the upgrade work? I also 
thought about removing all usb drivers and devices and having windows search 
for new hardware. This is an old 32 bit machine and I do not want to take it 
to a computer shop. I think I would be then throwing good money after bad.
thanks for any suggestions.


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