I hope there are people on this list who use WordPress. I'm trying to link a 
PDF file to an item on one of my pages.

I've succeeded in uploading the PDF file to the WordPress library. It may or 
may not be relevant that I also permanently deleted the PDF file I previously 
had associated with the item. However, none of the online instructions I've 
found enable me to get the PDF file to associate with the desired text.
For example, one online site tells you to keep focus at the text while clicking 
the "add media" button. Well, with JAWS, you can only do one, not both. Another 
website has a post from a screenreader (which one not specified) user who says 
to press alt-mon the insert point while in the item's edit field, but when I 
press alt-m, nothing happens.

Has anyone encountered and solved this problem?
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