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MA> julien viet wrote ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
>> JD> Though now that I think about it I would prefer that Java was more like 
>> JD> PHP in the sense of a light weight web application development language 
>> JD> with its rich extensions and apis.
>> we discussed with Dain at boot camp and we wished
>> having a way to dynamic compile a class, I mean with
>> a java compiler written in java and taking class def from
>> a classloader.
>> That would enable a compilation service in jboss. Would be great
>> for nukes. Kopi compiler is written in 100% java and could be modified
>> to achieve such results though I don't know about its license.

MA> I did this for the PizzaCompiler as part of getting Cocoon to work
MA> without a JDK (only a JRE needed). For Pizza this is relatively
MA> easy as it has pluggable resource-loaders (.class files are resources
MA> to the compiler). The pizza compiler can be found at:

cool, it could help for module or block scripting in Nukes, i.e
get code class - fully generate class - compile it - generate xmbeam - deploy it

pluggable resource loader is very helpfull, I don't know if we
can have bytes of class through unified classloaders but
that would help.

MA> http://pizzacompiler.sourceforge.net/

MA> I placed the sources for the pizza-loader and some wrapper and extension
MA> classes needed to use it at: http://www.artefact.nl/pizza-loader.zip

MA> I stripped of some extra's and commented out some lines to keep it
MA> simple and self hosting.

MA> Hope this helps.

MA> Regards,

MA> Marcel Ammerlaan

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