We really have not looked into tweaking the jsp compiler layer to see if
the filesystem requirement can be replaced by an input stream or byte[]
view of classes as far as I know. Its something to look into as another
optimization/benefit of embedding the web container into JBoss.

Scott Stark
Chief Technology Officer
JBoss Group, LLC

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Subject: Re[11]: [JBoss-dev] php5 is coming

> >> I can bend jasper compiler to compile JSP to java classes,
> >> I've already done that.
> mf> there you go then, 
> >> However compiling classes is a CLASSPATH nightmare. That's 
> >> why I would like an in memory compiler. Not anymore.
> mf> Stop being such a "choupette", it is anoying.  Where is the can-do
> mf> attitude? you need something done at the compiler with a massive
> mf> classpath WE ALREADY SOLVED THAT PROBLEM FOR JETTY (Jules and Scott
> mf> did).  
> yeah I saw the code one day. I am not whinning :-)
> You want JSP, I'll do it no problems.
> JSP are files ** on the disk **, why because java compiler
> takes files on the disks. clearly nukes stores data in database.
> that's not incompatible I know.
> julien

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