ECB 1.92 is released!
The homepage of ECB has moved to 
<> .  The old
homepage at 
<>  is not longer supported.

How to get it:
Sorry, it's too big to post the sources here...
If you are using ECB >= 1.80 then you can just call "M-x ecb-download-ecb" if you
are online. ECB will then download latest ECB (1.92) and install it for you.
Or go to the homepage at <>  and 
download it from

What's new in 1.92:
This release fixes some small bugs and introduces some new features for
layout-handling. Here are the entries of the NEWS (was HISTORY) file:
** Fixed bugs:
*** Fixed small bugs in the popup-menu of the history-buffer.
*** Fixed some not working links in the FAQ.
** ECB now includes a file "ecb-autoloads.el" which contains all available
   autoloads of ECB. Therefore loading this file is enough.
** Enhancements to the layout
*** The sizes of the ecb-windows can be fixed even during frame-resizing
    This new feature is only available with GNU Emacs 21.X. See new option
    Suggested by Gunther Ohrner <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> >
*** The command `ecb-store-window-sizes' can now also store fixed sizes.
    If called with a prefix arg then fixed sizes are stored instead of
    fractions of frame-width resp. -height.
*** The command `split-window' is now also adviced to work properly.
** Enhancements for the tree-buffers
*** "Create Source" in the popup-menues now work also for non-java-files.
*** ecb-truncate-lines can now be set different for each ECB-tree-buffer.
*** Easy horizontal mouse-scrolling of the ECB tree-buffers. See new option
** Added a command `ecb-jde-display-class-at-point' which displays the contents
   of the java-class under point in the methods-buffer of ECB.
** Renamed previous HISTORY file to NEWS and reformate it for outline-mode.

Here are some of the new features of ECB beginning with version 1.90:
* Fixed an annoying bug which results in an error "Wrong type argument:
  integer-or-marker-p nil)" after a full buffer reparse. ECB 1.80 has repaired
  its internal state but nevertheless the user had to reclick on the same
  token after this error to really jump to a token. With ECB 1.90 this bug has
  been gone.
* Now ECB displays at every start a "Tip of the day" in a dialog-box. This can
  be switched off with option `ecb-tip-of-the-day'.
* New feature: Now the methods buffer is auto. expanded if the node related to
  the current token in the edit-window is not visible (probably because its
  parent is collapsed).
* New command `ecb-expand-methods-nodes' which allows precisely expanding
  tokens with a certain indentation-level.
* Rewritten the mechanism for storing customized window-sizes. See option
  ecb-layout-window-sizes and the command ecb-store-window-sizes and
  ecb-restore-window-sizes. Now the sizes are always saved as fractions of the
  width (resp. height) of the ECB-frame, so the stored sizes are always
  correct regardless of the current frame-size.
* Rewritten cache-mechanism for directories and sources:
  This results in a speed-boost for big-size directories.
* Added a complete new section "The layout-engine of ECB" to the online-help
  which describes in detail how to program new layouts and new special windows.
* Fixed some bugs concerning the eshell-integration.
* Speedbar is now integrated in ECB and can be used instead of the standard
  ECB-directories buffer.
* Naming and managing of layouts has been changed! Now a layout is not longer
  identified by an integer but by an arbitrary string! Example: The layout
  with index 0 in ECB <= 1.80 is now named "left1" in ECB 1.90.
  Therefore the name of the option 'ecb-layout-nr' has changed to
  'ecb-layout-name'! See the docstring of 'ecb-layout-name' for the names of
  all buildin layouts. ECB autom. upgrades the old-option to the new one!
* A lot of new hooks
* Adding a new layout type "left-right" which allows the ECB-tree-windows to
  be located at the left and the right side of the ECB-frame.
* Now ECB can be "autoloaded".
* Now ECB offers a command `ecb-create-new-layout' for interactively creating
  new layouts "by example".

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