> Not sure at all; it just looks vaguely like 0136 since it's
> server-side, and it's possible for a client to disable the logging.

Well, it's not JEP-136 :-) All the client can do is enable/disable it, but 
the server does all the logging itself. This way, no matter what client you
use to connect, your conversations gets logged, and you don't need to send your
conversations over the wire twice either. 

I like this idea actually, because it falls under the 'keep the client simple'
principle. It's a lot easier than having to deal with concurrency, finding out
which conversations belong together, submitting them to the server. It's safer
as well (what if your connection or your client dies, and you didn't have a
chance to commit your whole conversation), and it's incremental (a client needs
to keep track of the whole conversation before it can submit it)


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