Here’s backport of fixes (included in 8u171) to OpenJDK 6.

Changes since jdk6-b46

8189969: Manifest better manifest entries
8189989: Improve container portability
8193833: Better RMI connection support
8192757: Improve stub classes implementation
8192025: Less referential references
8189977: Improve permission portability
8189985: Improve tabular data portability
8189997: Enhance keystore mechanisms
8180881: Better packaging of deserialization
8182362: Update CipherOutputStream Usage
8183032: Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.9
8190877: Better handling of abstract classes
8191696: Better mouse positioning
8192030: Better MTSchema support
8175075: Add 3DES to the default disabled algorithm security property
8195837: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018c
8153955: increase java.util.logging.FileHandler MAX_LOCKS limit
8169080: Improve documentation examples for crypto applications
8191909: Nightly failures in nashorn suite
8194259: keytool error: Invalid secret key format
8198494: 8u171 and 8u172 - Build failure on non-SE Linux Platforms
8001419: Build the JCE portion of JDK-8000970
8192789: Avoid using AtomicReference in
8197030: Perf regression on all platforms with 8u171-b03 - early lambda use
8198963: Fix new rmi property name

Webrevs for the changes:

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