We have a new release of IcedTea (http://bitly.com/it20610) and a new OpenJDK
7 release, u151-b01, to go with it. This is made from the current state of the
OpenJDK 7u repositories plus backports of the new security fixes
included in 8u141
and 8u144.

The tarball is available here:


The tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at:


PGP Key: ed25519/0xCFDA0F9B35964222 (hkp://keys.gnupg.net)
Fingerprint = 5132 579D D154 0ED2 3E04 C5A0 CFDA 0F9B 3596 4222

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They are listed at

Changes since u141-b02:
  - S7117357: Warnings in sun.instrument, tools and other sun.* classes
  - S7117570: Warnings in sun.mangement.* and its subpackages
  - S7143230: fix warnings in java.util.jar, sun.tools.jar, zipfs demo, etc.
  - S8022440: suppress deprecation warnings in sun.rmi
  - S8024069: replace_in_map() should operate on parent maps
  - S8026796: Make replace_in_map() on parent maps generic
  - S8030787: [Parfait] JNI-related warnings from b119 for
  - S8030875: Macros for checking and returning on exceptions
  - S8031737: CHECK_NULL and CHECK_EXCEPTION macros cleanup
  - S8034912: backport of 8031737 to jdk8u breaks linux buld.
  - S8035629: [parfait] JNI exc pending in
  - S8037287: Windows build failed after JDK-8030787
  - S8048703: ReplacedNodes dumps it's content to tty
  - S8080492: [Parfait] Uninitialised variable in
  - S8139870: sun.management.LazyCompositeData.isTypeMatched() fails
for composite types with items of ArrayType
  - S8143377: Test PKCS8Test.java fails
  - S8149450: LdapCtx.processReturnCode() throwing Null Pointer Exception
  - S8155690: Update libPNG library to the latest up-to-date
  - S8156804: Better constraint checking
  - S8162461: Hang due to JNI up-call made whilst holding JNI critical lock
  - S8163958: Improved garbage collection
  - S8165231: java.nio.Bits.unaligned() doesn't return true on ppc
  - S8165367: Additional tests for JEP 288: Disable SHA-1 Certificates
  - S8167228: Update to libpng 1.6.28
  - S8169209: Improved image post-processing steps
  - S8169392: Additional jar validation steps
  - S8170966: Right parenthesis issue
  - S8172204: Better Thread Pool execution
  - S8172461: Service Registration Lifecycle
  - S8172465: Better handling of channel groups
  - S8172469: Transform Transformer Exceptions
  - S8173145: Menu is activated after using mnemonic Alt/Key combination
  - S8173286: Better reading of text catalogs
  - S8173697: Less Active Activations
  - S8173770: Image conversion improvements
  - S8174098: Better image fetching
  - S8174105: Better naming attribution
  - S8174113: Better sourcing of code
  - S8174164: SafePointNode::_replaced_nodes breaks with irreducible loops
  - S8174729: Race Condition in java.lang.reflect.WeakCache
  - S8174770: Check registry registration location
  - S8174873: Improved certificate procesing
  - S8175097: [TESTBUG] 8174164 fix missed the test
  - S8175106: Higher quality DSA operations
  - S8175110: Higher quality ECDSA operations
  - S8175251: Failed to load RSA private key from pkcs12
  - S8176055: JMX diagnostic improvements
  - S8176067: Proper directory lookup processing
  - S8176731: JCK tests in api/javax_xml/transform/ spec conformance
started failing after 8172469
  - S8176760: Better handling of PKCS8 material
  - S8176769: Remove accidental spec change in jdk8u
  - S8177449: (tz) Support tzdata2017b
  - S8178135: Additional elliptic curve support
  - S8178996: [macos] JComboBox doesn't display popup in mixed JavaFX
Swing Application on 8u131 and Mac OS 10.12
  - S8179014: JFileChooser with Windows look and feel crashes on win 10
  - S8179887: Build failure with glibc >= 2.24: error: 'int
readdir_r(DIR*, dirent*, dirent**)' is deprecated
  - S8180582: The bind to rmiregistry is rejected by registryFilter
even though registryFilter is set
  - S8181420: PPC: Image conversion improvements
  - S8181591: 8u141 L10n resource file update
  - S8182054: Improve wsdl support
  - S8184119: Incorrect return processing for the LF editor of
  - S8184993: Jar file verification failing with SecurityException:
digest missing xxx
  - S8185501: Missing import in JAXP code
  - S8185502: No overflow operator on OpenJDK 7
  - S8185716: OpenJDK 7 PPC64 port uses a different ins_encode format in ppc.ad

Webrevs for the new changes:


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