Attendees: Michael Bouschen, Tilmann Zäschke, Craig Russell

Next meeting: Monday August 14 at 9:30 AM PDT


1. JDO-764 "Allow JDO annotations to be used in meta-annotations"

Still discussing using "repeated" PersistenceCapable annotations contained 
multiple user-defined meta-annotations. AI Craig propose changes to DataNucleus 
annotation processing.

2. JDO-761 "Add TCK test running sample queries from the spec"

Still one last change regarding CDATA syntax. Should be able to avoid escaping 
"<", ">", and "&" in CDATA text.

3. JDO-760 "Spec update regarding whether Query.execute() returns List or 

Changes have been checked in to Ch14.odp and one final change after JDO-761 is 

4. Is anything still unresolved with JDO-749 "Support for java.time types, and 
querying using associated methods"

5. Is anything still unresolved with JDO-745 "Support bitwise operations in 

6. JDO 3.1: Need to go through change lists in JIRA for 3.1 RC1 and 3.1 to 
prepare JCP Change Log

7. Other issues

JDO-757 Add Repeatable where it makes sense. 

Need to add @version 3.2 to the annotations that add @Repeatable. 
Also JDO-709 new annotations @Convert and @Converts need @version 3.2.
AI Michael update @version.

Test case has been checked in for @Query. Need test cases for other 
annotations. These can be adapted from existing test cases. AI Volunteer. 

Action Items from weeks past:

[Feb 24 2017] AI Michael: are there any TCK tests for the new methods JDO-749?
[Feb 24 2017] AI Michael: are there any TCK tests for the new methods? Any 
additional spec updates JDO-745?
[Oct 30 2015] AI Craig: File a maintenance review with JCP
[Apr 17 2015] AI Craig: Oracle spec page on JDO need to be updated once the JCP 
Maintenance Release for JDO 3.1 is published
[Oct 17 2014] AI Matthew any updates for "Modify specification to address NoSQL 
[Feb 28 2014] AI Everyone: take a look at
[Feb 28 2014] AI Everyone: take a look at
[Dec 13 2013] AI Craig file a JIRA for java.sql.Blob and java.sql.Clob as 
persistent field types
[Aug 24 2012] AI Craig update the JIRAs JDO-689 JDO-690 and JDO-692 about 
JDOHelper methods. In process.

Craig L Russell

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