Attendees: Michael Bouschen, Tilmann Zäschke, Tobias Bouschen, Craig Russell

Next meeting: Thursday December 8 1100 PST 2000 CET


1. JIRA JDO-819 "Code quality analysis"

Three admins are now authorized. The main issue looks like assertions in the 
tck. The tck test methods are not recognized as tests eligible to use the 
assert statement. 

2. JIRA JDO-709 "Standardize field/property converters"
PR #60 "[JDO-709] Enable Element.TYPE for @Convert"
PR #61 "Enable Element.TYPE for @Convert - TCK test" 

Til has started writing a DataNucleus test case. Doesn't run yet. In progress. 
Nothing yet from DataNucleus.

3. JIRA JDO-815 "Change headers on source files to use https:// instead of 
http:// " 

1659 changed files in git branch jdo-815-http-to-https

4. JIRA JDO-812 "Move to JDK 11 as the lowest supported version"

5. Other issues

Action Items from weeks past:

[Nov 23 2022] AI Tilmann see what else is needed to have the analysis 
integrated into GitHub repo.
[Nov 23 2022] AI Tilmann follow up with Andy/DataNucleus for his advice on 
[Oct 20 2022] AI Craig update the JIRA JDO-709 to request a test case using 
annotations and results of the test.
[Dec 09 2021] AI Craig: Try to contact all current/former participants in JDO 
development and see if and how they want to be recognized on the JDO and DB web 
[Oct 07 2021] AI Craig send a private message to all JSR-243 Expert Group 
members asking if they wish to continue.
[Mar 25 2021] AI Craig: investigate "merging" papajdo and apache.clr accounts
[Oct 17 2014] AI Matthew any updates for "Modify specification to address NoSQL 

Craig L Russell

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