I have a PC container class that holds another PC class as a field, and
the field has a unique id constraint.

When inserting the container class into the DB (it is loaded from an
external source), I first check to see if the field already exists in
the DB and, if so, I attach it to the containing class. For example:

  ContainerClass container = getContainerClass();
  FieldClass unmanagedField = container.getField();
  FieldClass managedField = getFieldFromDb( unmanagedField );
  if( managedField != null )
      container.setField( managedField );

However, I am getting an exception that complains about a duplicate key

My assumption was that since the field is already managed, it would not
be re-inserted by the framework.

To accomplish what I'm trying to do, what state do I need to put the PC
field into so it does not get re-inserted?

[BTW, I am currently using JPox as my JDO2 implementation. I was told
there to ask on this list about what the specs say should be done.]

Thank you!

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