Hola Paul,

>   I has followed the information about JDO for nearly two years and I would
> like to know what about JDO? there is very few information and news in JDO
> (in 2006, 2007), what about the Apache JDO project? why some JDO sites are
> out of the Web now? is JDO dying? (it would be a pain, I think JDO is an
> excellent effort). I really appreciate you answer my questions.

JDO 2.1 is in progress, adding on annotations, enums, JDOQL subqueries, 
support for some JPA concepts, and other things. JDO 2.1 is even more of a 
superset of JPA now than JDO 2.0 was before. There are implementations, just 
that only one (as far as I know) is JDO 2 compliant ... JPOX. JPOX 
(http://www.jpox.org) already has support for the majority of these JDO2.1 
enhancements, together with the start of support for DB4O. JPOX is publicised 
on (probably) the main spanish-speaking Java website (javahispano.org) 
whenever we make releases, so you may have heard of it.

The Apache JDO website doesn't seem to have been updated with anything about 
JDO 2.1. Perhaps someone from Apache JDO can get that done ?

Some websites (e.g jdocentral.com) don't seem to be active now. You would have 
to ask the people behind it why and what their motivations are.

While large organisations may want JDO to disappear (just like RDBMS vendors 
wanted it to go away during JDO 1), it is still alive (which is proven by the 
fact that there is a JDO2.1 making significant improvements) and there are 
implementations around. How committed some of the other implementations are 
to JDO 2.1 remains to be seen ...

Un saludo de Reino Unido
Andy  (Java Persistent Objects - http://www.jpox.org)

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