I'm developing a web app, and I'm facing issues with double-proxying... or so I 
My app uses Datanucleus JDO for persistence, and AOP for transacion definition 
on business methods. When I included JSecurity code (I use version 0.9, waiting 
for Shiro 1.0) from the sample Spring application (my container is Spring 2.5, 
and JBoss AS 4.2), my DI of business beans into other beans no longer worked 
(trace snippet):

Failed to convert property value of type [$Proxy61 implementing 
 to required type [MYPACKAGE.business.MyBean] for property 'myBean';

Some old post somewhere said about double-proxying, and then I figured it must 
be the reason, because of this JSecurity configuration I included: 

<!-- Enable JSecurity Annotations for Spring-configured beans.  Only run after
         the lifecycleBeanProcessor has run: -->
 depends-on="lifecycleBeanPostProcessor" />

I intend to use JSecurity annotation extensively to define security on the 
business and DAO layers, but also need definition of transactions for business 
layer, hopefully through AOP.
How can I solve this conflict?

If helpful, this is my spring metadata for transacion AOP (not quite correct, 
read-only does not work, still working on it):

<!-- the transactional advice (what 'happens'; see the <aop:advisor/> bean 
below) -->
  <tx:advice id="txAdvice" transaction-manager="txManager">
  <!-- the transactional semantics... -->
            <tx:method name="store*"/>
            <tx:method name="update*"/>
            <tx:method name="delete*"/>
            <tx:method name="*"  read-only="true"/>
  <!-- ensure that the above transactional advice runs for any execution
    of an operation defined by the FooService interface -->
  <aop:config proxy-target-class="true">
  <aop:pointcut id="defaultServiceOperation" expression="execution(* 
  <aop:advisor advice-ref="txAdvice" pointcut-ref="defaultServiceOperation"/>

Many thanks!

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