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The class in question was put into the unreleased code base for 2.3 which has been discontinued without an official release.

Your solution of using an earlier version of this unreleased code is probably the best for now.

Longer term, GAE should probably upgrade to the jdo-api-3.0 which will be released shortly.

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On Jun 19, 2010, at 8:50 PM, Bill Milligan wrote:


Curiously, the class file javax/jdo/JDOQueryTimeoutException.class has
disappeared between 2.3-eb and 2.3-ec of jdo2-api.jar. Attempts to deploy to Google App Engine with the latest version does not work, because GAE apparently requires the use of this Exception, to the extent that it is throwing ClassNotFoundExceptions on load. I've replaced 2.3-ec with 2.3-eb
and everything appears to work fine now.

This is the only class to vanish from one version to the other. Any idea what happened? I can't find any information anywhere on this error. Can
someone put the exception back for the next revision is published?


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