I see from the mailing list meeting minutes dating back as far as Feb 2013 
(maybe earlier) the release of v3.1 is "waiting on the JCP/Oracle". I'd like 
to ask the question : do people really consider it acceptable that a year on, 
we are still "waiting on the JCP/Oracle" ?

I, for one, don't consider it acceptable. This is a rubberstamping mechanism 
we're talking of here. They (JCP) washed their hands of JDO 8 years ago so 
have little interest in its development.

Options : 
1. Release 3.1 as per Apache rules/voting and have the spec/TCK/API 
downloadable via Apache JDO etc (but not via the JCP site) ... like any other 
Apache project.
2. Somebody wake people up at the JCP and get them to "approve" 3.1.
3. Look at other ways of taking this technology forward if Apache JDO is to be 
constrained by such a bureaucratic/political process as the JCP inflict on the 
Java world.

[The DataNucleus project has past history with the JCP denying access to the 
JPA TCK despite fulfilling all of their "requirements", so really have little 
time for their "process"]

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