The Apache JDO project is pleased to announce a new release 3.1.

Java Data Objects (JDO) is a standard way to access persistent data in 
databases, using plain old Java objects (POJO) to represent persistent data.

JDO 3.1 can be obtained from the JDO download site:

In addition to the changes of JDO 3.1-rc1 JDO 3.1 contains the following new 

   * Specifying NULL elements positioning in ordered columns
   * Extension element for @Index, @ForeignKey, @Unique, @PrimaryKey 
annotations are supported.
   * Support for IF/Else expression in JDOQL

In addition, JDO 3.1 contains many bug and documentation fixes and improvements.

See the Release Notes of JDO 3.1 and JDO 3.1-rc1 for details:
JDO 3.1:
JDO 3.1-rc1:

Please try out this new release.

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