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  Commit: 20e40107d45e891812159b646354480d4e4e0d7c
  Author: Baptiste Mathus <>
  Date:   2018-05-17 (Thu, 17 May 2018)

  Changed paths:
    A jep/308/README.adoc
    M jep/README.adoc

  Log Message:
  [JENKINS-51140] Essentials Error Telemetry API (#107)

* [JENKINS-51140] Design (JEP) what the Error Telemetry API will be

* Give more precisions about query/answer payloads

Also fix the link: I meant JEP 303 for Registrations and authentication,
not 307.

* Add rationale why (for now) we don't handle batch sending logs

* Switch to use a JSON node instead of stringified JSON from the client side

* Bump to ~ 1 MB max and clarify associated sentence

* /errorTelemetry => /telemetry/error to be more REST-ish

* Use `POST` exclusively

* Add reliability concern from client to server

* Referencing feedback thread on the dev ML

* Recommend storing the UUID alongside with log entries

* Assign JEP-308

* DRAFT and formatting

      **NOTE:** This service been marked for deprecation:

      Functionality will be removed from on January 31st, 2019.

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