Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 413ec6b1916eae8c0e437cda19308d24f8a343ce
  Author: Tom Fennelly <>
  Date:   2016-10-12 (Wed, 12 Oct 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M headless-client.js
    M package.json
    A src/main/js/SSEConnection.js
    M src/main/js/sse-client.js
    M src/test/js/sse-plugin-no-filter-ispec.js
    M src/test/js/sse-plugin-store-and-forward-ispec.js
    M src/test/js/sse-plugin-with-filter-ispec.js

  Log Message:
  SSE client changes to make it less stateful (#12)

* refactor client to be stateless

* get tests passing again

* Tighten up resetting of the config queue tracking

* 0.0.10-beta1

* 0.0.10-beta2 - clientId not mandatory + allow unconnected connection if 
unable to determine Jenkins root URL.

* 0.0.10-beta3 - fix jenkins URL normalization

* Readme updates

* 0.0.10

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