I have a use case where I have a pool of global ‘resources’ which cannot be 
used concurrently.  

The only implementation of allocating from pools in Jenkins I’ve seen so 
far is the Port Allocator plugin which can be used to hand out from a pool 
of integers.  

Originally this plugin was conceived to hand out ports on the local node. 
Developers have tried to extend the Port Allocator plugin with the concept 
of global pools. But these pull requests keep getting bounced, i.e. 7 
<> and 5 
<> which both 
implement this. 

Can we get clearance to have global pools in the Port Allocator plugin? 

If not: this use case is evidently coming up for a number of people given 
we already have two pull requests for it. So, what would be acceptable?  

Warm regards, 

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