Hi everyone,

I deleted a bunch of obsolete branches that have been merged into master from 
jenkinsci/jenkins. It's not all merged branches, but most of them. The list is 


1.408 (was 1d4abe2).
1.469-out-of-cycle (was 201bd2f).
1.509 (was 02e0044).
1.609 (was 152d00a).
1.650 (was 3a44687).
1.652 (was 3a44687).
PR-2138 (was 1735f3c).
SECURITY-54 (was f4496df).
add-plugin-without-restart (was 992158b).
artefacts-to-artifacts (was c5b55a1).
breadcrumb (was 17d9b62).
changelog (was 3bce100).
directly-modifiable-view (was 8fc60f0).
domain-discovery (was 358b9ce).
federated-login-service (was 872c664).
file_leak (was dc710b7).
groovy-view (was 77290b9).
guice (was 5d90351).
item-categorisation-2 (was 277a743).
jenkins-19898 (was 0e122df).
jruby (was 58d2024).
label-parameterization (was 6764621).
lazy-load (was 2f20f42).
localization-20131020 (was bc711ee).
main (was 8f6b8f1).
main-maven3-support (was 7cf3f7f).
matrix-subset (was 0203876).
maven-3.1.0 (was 6030c77).
ndeloof-patch-1 (was a6ce5a8).
prototype-incoming (was 8009dcc).
prototype-patched (was 34e8117).
publisher (was 58267c4).
pull-434.2 (was 72fbaba).
rc (was 501b61f).
svn (was 776008c).
type-on-body (was 9178977).
webmethods-improvements (was 490b3b4).

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