> > But the problem I described as a case in point doesn't seem to fall 
> under that umbrella. 
> Explanation here: 
> https://github.com/jenkinsci/workflow-cps-plugin/#technical-design 
Thanks. that helps explain things.

Though my confusion is increased by the fact that right now I'm having to 
go through previously tested and working code and move stuff to @NonCPS 
functions, because at some point in the various updates of jenkins and the 
pipeline plugins it appears to have broken stuff that was previously 
working. Things actually seem to be getting worse!

It's a shame that pipeline plugin doesn't at least recognize errors that 
might be related to this issute and add some useful information to the 
error message, such as a suggestion to look at that explanation you linked 
to. As a newbie to Groovy I have wasted so much time looking for errors in 
my groovy code, when in fact I had written perfectly valid groovy, just the 
pipeline implementation couldn't handle it.

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