Hi Rushal,

Yes, some ramp-up will be really useful. I have CCed Adrien and Steven. 
They would be the best contacts during the initial study if you consider 
working on the Support Core plugin.

Currently we are working on preparing this and other project ideas. If 
Jenkins project gets accepted to GSoC2017, we will schedule public office 
hours with potential students and mentors.

Best regards,
Oleg Nenashev

понедельник, 13 февраля 2017 г., 21:42:58 UTC+3 пользователь Rushal Verma 
> Hello everyone,
> I am Rushal Verma from India. I am currently a third-year undergraduate 
> student and wanted to participate in GSOC 17. This is my first-time 
> participation in the GSOC. I am interested in Jenkins project "Support core 
> plugin improvements". It needs java basic and I worked with java 
> technologies before as well and interested in expanding my knowledge of it. 
> I worked with java awt image, swing and sql libraries in my college project(
> https://github.com/rusrushal13/Genetic_Algorithm). I also get selected in 
> Season of KDE 16(https://season.kde.org/?q=view_projects&prg=41&p=786). 
> I haven't used Jenkins before so I wanted to get started with it and get 
> used to it before GSOC 17 to showcase myself and one more thing what I 
> wanted is to someone mentor me for my proposal as this is my first time 
> participation in GSOC so if someone just gets me reviewed, it will assure 
> me that I am going good in my preparation for GSOC 17.
> Contact Information :
> Github : https://github.com/rusrushal13
> Twitter : https://twitter.com/rusrushal13
> Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/rushalverma
> Email : rusru...@gmail.com <javascript:>
> Blog: rushalvera.wordpress.com
> Mobile No : +91-8004938694

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