We have a custom Bamboo step plugin that we're using in our Jenkinsfile to 
call build plans on our Bamboo server from Jenkins.  I'm wondering if I 
should try to get hosting for it in the community repositories, as there 
doesn't seem to be anything else out there.  There's the Bamboo Notifier 
<https://plugins.jenkins.io/bamboo-notifier>, but it isn't specifically 
built for use with pipeline.

Here's an example usage from our Jenkinsfile:

pipeline {
    stages {
        stage("Build Bamboo job") {
            steps {
                script {
                    buildBamboo(projectKey: "PROJECT-KEY", planKey: "PKEY", 
serverAddress: 'https://bamboo-server', 'username': env.BAMBOO_USER, 
'password': env.BAMBOO_PASS)

Just curious.  Will pursue if it makes sense.  We have one for BuildForge 
as well.


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