Sorry to be reaching out to the whole devel list, but I didn't get any
response from the plugin author. I apologize if I broke any etiquette.

The Linux Foundation uses jenkins with a lot of our projects
(, and some of them are
requesting that we use AWS for their build infrastructure (we normally
use OpenStack). Our security measures require that builders are brought
up inside restricted security groups without public IPs, but it is not
currently possible with jclouds-plugin due to the following issue:

We would love to fix it on our own, but our internal resources are tied
with helping other projects and we do not currently have developers who
can look into it. We are willing to sponsor someone's work to have a fix
so that jclouds-plugin can use AWS security groups with non-default
VPCs. If you are that person -- or know someone who would be able to
help us out, please let me know off-list.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,
Konstantin Ryabitsev
Director, IT Infrastructure Security
The Linux Foundation

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