My name is Pham Vu Tuan. I am currently studying my final year in Computer 
Science at Nanyang Technological University from Singapore. I am going to 
graduate in May and looking to do some coding activities to get busy this 
summer. I have some experiences as a back-end developer through my 
interships before. My familiar programming languages are Java, Python and 

I am familiar with Jenkins as a CI server in my work, I hope I can 
contribute some to Jenkins. Currenty, I am quite interested in project 
"Jenkins Remoting over Message Bus/Queue" and want to understand more about 
the project. I think I can learn some interesting things by doing this 
project. I am a user of RabbitMQ in my recent company, so I have a basic 
knowledge about this queue messaging technology. Currently, I haven't had 
any idea/proposal yet, hope it will come along the way with the support of 
our Jenkins community.

I can be found on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phamvutuan/ and 
Github: https://github.com/pvtuan10.

I am looking forward to having some contributions to Jenkins community.

Pham Vu Tuan

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