Hello Everyone,

I am Tarun Pothulapati, I am a second-year Undergrad student in Computer 
Science and Engineering at Vardhaman College Of Engineering here in 
Telangana, India.
My interests include Java, C#, Asp.Net, Cloud Computing. 
I have used Jenkins previously to setup my build pipeline for a college 
project and it really made the whole deployment process very smooth.I am 
always amazed by the level of automation that Jenkins provides and lets 
developers focus on the project mainly.

I am very much willing to work on the following project idea as it falls 
near my interests.

   - *Cloud Features for External Workspace Manager Plugin.*

I also started looking at the issues in the above-mentioned project and 
will be trying to solve some beginner friendly ones.
I would like to get started on this project. So, any help/suggestions would 
be really appreciated. 

I am really excited to contribute to Jenkins and give back to the community.
Thank You,
Tarun Pothulapati.
Twitter <https://twitter.com/Pothulapati> |  Github 
<https://github.com/pothulapati/> |  Blog <http://tarunpothulapati.com/>  

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