Thank you Oleg and Jesse for providing me useful details. I will try to get 
started and get back to you soon with my ideas.

Pham Vu Tuan

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 4:23:13 PM UTC+7, Oleg Nenashev wrote:
> Thanks for the interest!
> I will try to provide a detailed writeup about the project.
> Generally, the idea is to replace current communication layer by a pure 
> message bus implementation. Below you can find some things from the top of 
> my head:
>    - All communications between master and agent happen over the message 
>    bus
>       - Jenkins agents and masters can connect to a message bus. 
>       - The topology is TBD, it may be either embedded message bus 
>          (Jenkins master as a host) or an external service. The latter one is 
>          preferable IMHO
>       - Jenkins agents query connection metadata over the bus. 
>       - Current implementations query metadata from an HTTP/HTTPs 
>          endpoint before connection. Getting rid of that would help
>          - Command transport for message bus is implemented (as Jesse 
>       mentioned). 
>       - It would include transparent support of command invocation, RMI, 
>          classloading and data streaming 
>          - We utilize message bus features to make connections over 
>    Remoting more stable
>       - Fault tolerance 
>       - The messaging layer survives short network outages
>          - Nice2Have: We use multiple message bus hosts so they do not 
>          become a bottleneck
>          - Traffic/Request prioritization
>          - Currently we have an issue with logging/file transfer 
>          messaging overloading the channel and blocking system commands. We 
> could 
>          use message bus features to prevent that
>       - TBD: More efficient data streaming
>       - Implementation:
>       - Executable for the agent side
>       - Jenkins plugin, which provides the master-side logic and serves 
>       the agent executable
>       - We have a reference implementation for demos
>    - E.g: a set of Docker images, which bring up a Jenkins cluster with a 
>       master and several agents (e.g. with Kubernetes or Docker Compose)
>       - It may be somehow aligned with other ongoing activities (e.g. the 
>       demo could be built on the top of EverGreen distro) 
>       <https://github.com/jenkinsci/jep/tree/master/jep/300> 
>       - TBD: a PoC for Master <=> Master communication
>       - In Jenkins project we have some master => master plugins like 
>       Parameterized Remote Trigger. We could try to use a message bus to 
> deliver 
>       messages between masters
>    - TBD: Streaming agent logs to a log storage over the message bus
>    - TBD: Remoting autoupdate over message bus
>       - Message bust engine could be a bootstrap library, which loads 
>       Remoting library from the master after establishing the connection. 
>       - In Jenkins project we often see issues with update Remoting 
>       versions on the agent side. Although it would be great to solve the 
> issue 
>       on the Remoting side, usage of such bootstrap could be a quick win
> Best regards,
> Oleg
> вторник, 13 февраля 2018 г., 16:53:00 UTC+1 пользователь Jesse Glick 
> написал:
>> On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 9:49 AM, Pham Vu Tuan <phamvu...@gmail.com> 
>> wrote: 
>> > I am quite interested in project 
>> > "Jenkins Remoting over Message Bus/Queue" and want to understand more 
>> about 
>> > the project. 
>> Probably Oleg will give you some depth but to get started 
>> understanding the background, look at subclasses of: 
>> https://github.com/jenkinsci/remoting/blob/master/src/main/java/hudson/remoting/CommandTransport.java

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