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On Wed, 14 Feb 2018, nicolas de loof wrote:

> Something I don't get here is why you need an external evergreen-client to
> manage updates, and can't just get this running from within Jenkins.

This is covered under "Alternative Approaches" here:

I think that section should help clarify things.

> I also wonder how you manage jenkins.war version here, which is bundled in
> the docker image vs upgrades. Does this mean the image comes with a default
> jenkins.war but won't override when used on an existing JENKINS_HOME ? And
> then upgrading and restarting service won't actually reflect a core upgrade

This is similar to the point which Jesse brought up earlier in the thread, and
the resolution which I am incorporating into JEP-301 is that jenkins/evergreen
should be "small" and just have enough code inside the container to reach out
to the Evergreen hosted service layer and ask for the latest (core + plugins)
before starting Jenkins. Succintly put, this would mean jenkins/evergreen would
not ship with a jenkins.war.

Hope that helps

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