email: ashn...@php.net already exist

so it does at least indicate to me that I've previously signed up.  


If your user account or email address exists in our database, you will 
receive a password at your email address in a few minutes

But trying to get the password reset link sent to that email address says 
"sent" but it never arrives.

All I need to do is create a bug against the jdepend plugin due to the 
jep-200 stuff... but my path of yak shaving steps is stuck on 
accounts.jenkins.io :-(


On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 5:01:17 PM UTC-6, Chuck Burgess wrote:
> I tried to sign up for an account at jenkins.io, but it says my username 
> and email address are already registered.  I took this to mean I'd signed 
> up in the past (which I suspected), but many attempts to send a password 
> reset email have resulted in nothing.  I've tried multiple times across at 
> least 30 minutes, to no avail.
> Is the email sender broken?

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