Saw all of the talk about this from the post-FOSDEM hackday work and I'm 
very interested in presenting about it at the DFW JAM this month.   The 
repo links to a slide deck presentation, are those slides up to date and 
something I might use for a JAM presentation?   If so, is there a recording 
of any talks they were used at that I could watch?

Eric S.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 3:49:59 AM UTC-6, nicolas de loof wrote:
> Hi,
> Some of you who joined Contributor Summit at Jenkins World'17 already know 
> about the resurrecting effort to provide configuration-as-code for Jenkins 
> management (JENKINS-31094)
> Both Praqma and CloudBees have been investigating on this topic last 
> months, and have wrote prototypes to cover this need. As we learned about 
> each other effort we decided to join forces, and make this public as a JEP 
> proposal.
> Our joined prototype is here : 
> We also wrote a document to explain our goals and design decisions. We 
> used JEP template 
> <>
>  so 
> we can now propose this for JEP acceptance (I guess this is the right place 
> to do so)
> We'll be happy to hear from you about this.

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