Hi everyone, 
I am Federico Fiorini and I am currently studying at TU Delft. I am part of 
a group for the course Software Architecture (Course Link 
<https://delftswa2018.github.io>) and we are currently studying the Jenkins 
software in depth. 
For the second assignment we have to make a pull request (which we already 
made, #3320 <https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/pull/3320>, and we 
already received a review so we're working on it) as well as a complete 
"Development View" for the project.

In particular, we need to carefully study how the development process goes 
for Jenkins, and how is it organised in terms of modules (and folders for 
source code), dependencies between the many modules, and so on.
Since it's very difficult to study the software by only looking at the 
website and the github page (as we did for the first assignment, more about 
general information of the case study), we thought that it would have been 
a great idea to ask a few questions to the developers' community and/or the 
creator of the project. 

I'll make a bulleted list such that it would be easier to understand which 
are the answers we're looking for.

   - How the source code is organised into modules (and how is it stored as 
   folders) and which are the dependencies between the modules
   - Are there any third-party libraries or tools in the code? Where are 
   they used?
   - How are security concerns (also in communication between modules) or 
   internalisation managed? 
   - Are there any automated tools for build, test and release of the 
   software? Is it possible to have a "release roadmap" to better understand 
   how a new release is made and which steps does the code have to pass? (We 
   will focus this concerning LTS versions)

Thank you in advance for the replies, we are very grateful for any little 
help received. 

I will also leave a link to the ongoing project : Team-Jenkins 

Kind regards,

Federico Fiorini, Jeroen Vrijenhoef, Ka Wing Man

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