> On 2. Mar 2018, at 23:41, jbri...@synopsys.com wrote:
> For the existing group (from what I can tell) the only remaining member is 
> not an active maintainer. If it's easy for you to clean that up that would be 
> nice (not sure if it is bot-controlled... maybe it's out of sync with the 
> repository-permissions-updater), although sounds like long-term it may not 
> matter.

Bot controlled ≠ identical to upload permissions; since user names are 
different and we cannot reliably map between them, this is necessarily the 
case. It allows us to differentiate between owners and other developers 
(although admittedly we haven't been super consistent there).

Given the user you want removed, could you file a PR to clean up 
 as appropriate first? AFAICT the same user is still allowed to release. Just 
mention in your PR you want them removed from the team as well.

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