You might be able to write an SCM trait extension plugin to understand 
repository topics filtering, however, I think you would need to send a Pull 
Request to the Github Branch Source plugin to have the topics data 
available from the API wrapper :)

GitHub API wrapper used by GitHub Branch Source plugin the 
topics is definitely on the repo :)

Den torsdag den 8. marts 2018 kl. 07.28.37 UTC+1 skrev Cuong Tran:
> Joseph,
> Thanks for pointing me to that instance.  Without admin access, I can only 
> guess that these grouping are manually defined.  I'm looking for a more 
> dynamic way to group them (for example, using github topic) without relying 
> on the naming pattern alone.
> On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 8:34:09 PM UTC-8, Joseph P wrote:
>> Take a look at 
>> <>
>> they categorize repos into meaningful groups for instance Plugins folder 
>> contains all repos with the name *-plugin in the repo name.
>> Den torsdag den 8. marts 2018 kl. 05.24.57 UTC+1 skrev Cuong Tran:
>>> How do folks manage a large number of repositories in a single 
>>> organization when you use the Github Branch Source to automatically create 
>>> jobs?

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