My name is Ibrahim Abdullah, a final year student at Ashesi University 
College, Ghana. I am studying computer science and very interested in 
software development, distributed systems and Machine learning. Java is the 
main programming language I use for development and have little experience 
with Jenkins as well. 

I have always wanted to contribute to open source projects to improve my 
programming skills but find it difficult to start as a newbie. I believe 
Google Summer of Code will provide the platform and give me a head start to 
join the open source community. Additionally, I found some of the Jenkins 
projects exciting to work on given that I have a strong Java background and 
quite familiar with using Jenkins as a developer. I will like to work on 
any of the following projects: Jenkins Remoting over Message Bus/Queues, 
Code Coverage Plugin and Simple pull request Plugin.

The following are the links GutHub and LinkedIn profile;

GitHub : https://github.com/Ibrahim-Abdullah
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/ibabdullah
Twitter: https://twitter.com/braimahabdulla

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